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What we do


Mechanical: Overhaul, Repair and Restoration

Quartz: Movement Replacement

Other: Case Repairs, Glass Replacement, Winding Keys


Mechanical and Quartz: servicing no longer undertaken on the premises

Other: Straps, Battery Replacement, Glass, Bracelet Adjustment


Aneroid: Glass / Bezel Replacement

Recording / Barographs: Drum Overhaul and Repairs


Types of Timepieces we repair and restore

Antique Clocks; Grandfather (Long Case) Clocks; Modern Clocks (Mechanical, Electric & Quartz)
Wall Clocks (Dial, Fusee, Bulkhead & Regulator); Car Clocks (Mechanical & Electric)
Aircraft Clocks (Timepiece & Chronograph); Modern Watches (Mechanical & Quartz)
Wrist Watches (battery replacement and straps only); Chronometers; Aneroid Barometers; Barographs.

If you have a clock that needs repairing
Call us on 01234 358486
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Our Work

Examples of projects we've worked on

Luftwaffe Pilot's Watch

Lange & Sohne Luftwaffe Pilot's Watch

Very fine watch, very accurate: movement cleaned and overhauled; this required balance staff repair. The winding crown was missing so we replaced with a vintage one; missing screws fitted and adapted.

French Repeating Carriage Clock

French Carriage Clock

A high quality small French Repeating Carriage Clock with silvered platform escapement. The movement and platform was completely stripped down during the overhaul – some 135 parts! The escapement pallet jewels needed some depth adjustment and the balance spring needed recoiling. The whole platform was then re-silvered.

3-train Long Case Clock

3-train Long Case Clock

This 19th Century Three-Train Long Case Clock was completely stripped-down during its overhaul; repairs included making a new Lever to replace a broken one – and several repairs to previous supposed repairs!

Four-glass Regulator

French Bell-Strike 'Four Glass Regulator'

French Bell-Strike Four-Glass Regulator with Mercury pendulum, made by S. Marti et Cie (Samuel Marti & Co), thought to date anytime between 1860-1900. We carried out a complete overhaul which in this case meant stripping down everything to the last part, spring, screw and pin.

Bracket Clock

8-day Bracket Clock

This 8-day double fusee Bracket Clock was stripped-down during an overhaul. Broken mainspring replaced; new lever to replace the missing one.

Marine Chronometer

Edward Dent Marine Chronometer

Paul checking over a recently overhauled Marine Chronometer by Edward Dent. This had been in secure storage for many years and didn’t keep very good time. We completely stripped it down as part of the overhaul, derusting certain parts and carefully refinishing the balance. This chronometer has some significance as it is a low serial number piece by Dent that had won timekeeping trials and believed to date from the 1840s.

All our work is guaranteed

About us

A family run business since 1975

Clock-Wise, Bedford


We have been in our present shop premises since 1976. Our passion is the overhaul, repair and restoration of antique clocks, as well as more modern timepieces.
Whether they are a family heirloom with great sentimental value that requires overhaul / repair, or a historical piece that needs restoration; we have the necessary equipment and more importantly, the expertise to carefully and professionally repair and restore your treasured timepieces. Our business has been built almost solely on referrals and recommendations.

We have a reputation from many of our clientele of having repaired the 'irreparable’. Budgets obviously play a large part in this kind of work, but please be reassured, we will always present you with an estimate before we do anything.

Why choose us?

 Over 40 years experience
 High quality craftsmanship
 Nearly all work carried out in-house
 All work guaranteed
 Fully insured


Opening Hours

Until further notice

Monday Appointment Only
Tuesday Open to all Customers
08:30 – 16:30
Wednesday Appointment Only
Thursday Appointment Only
Friday Appointment Only
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

What Our Customers Say

The Team

A family partnership

Paul Fryer

(Retired November 2021)

With his obsession that mechanisms should operate correctly and his skill with fine mechanisms, Paul has the reputation of bringing back to life many so-called "irreparable" timepieces that now keep time very reliably. He is equally at home replacing a quartz movement in a modern wall clock as he is stripping down a 200 year-old pocket watch for repair.

Originally Paul, who is an ex-Bedford Modern School pupil, did a Technical Apprenticeship Sandwich Course at Cambridge Scientific Instruments and qualified with a Higher National Diploma (HND Elec). Then for the next 12 years he worked in Research & Development for Cutler Hammer / Igranic ...but his interest in fine mechanisms, a passion for horology and a knack for problem-solving all came together in 1975 when he started Clock-Wise. He hasn't looked back since.

Bruce Fryer

Bruce has worked full-time at Clock-Wise for over 20 years. He had done some work for his father during the school holidays – so when he finished his A Levels in 1993, Bruce joined the family business at Clock-Wise.

It seemed the natural thing to do.

Training at the bench under the supervision of his father Paul (right), he has inherited and continues to gain a comprehensive working knowledge of timepieces and how to repair them – and although has been responsible for bringing Clock-Wise a bit more into the 21st Century, he is also very happy repairing 300 year-old Long-Case Clocks!

Paul Fryer checking over an Overhauled Marine Chronometer by Edward Dent believed to date from the 1840s
Most of the work is carried out
at our workshop in Bedford

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